CCC Maker – Weekly Webinars – Curriculum Conversation – 10/25/18

Join Project Leads from four CCC Maker Colleges as we discuss the innovative approaches they are taking to develop maker curriculum that not only addresses specific goals of their projects but also solves institutional needs and contributes to makerspace sustainability. The secret: make your makerspace indispensable!

Zachary Dowell from Folsom Lake College has developed technical courses leading to certificates that also include interdisciplinary courses across seven disciplines from Sociology to Theatre Arts. John Graulty from Cabrillo College is bringing together Studio Arts and Engineering in a credit + non-credit STEAM strategy. Maura Devlin of City College of San Francisco used an Equity strategy to target underrepresented students and meet the goal of a 50% female enrollment in their entry level course, while also strategizing badging to develop telepresence competencies across multiple campuses.  Daniel Donnelly at Butte College is generating FTES from the Create Space through a not for credit Tutoring Lab.

In this informal webinar, we all learn from each other’s progress and candidly discuss challenges as well as successes, making this a useful resource to everyone working toward makerspace sustainability through innovative curriculum.

Read the slide deck here.

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