SCOBYLED – Light Emitting SCOBY

Inspired by the way the fruit leather SCOBY catches the light, we decided to see about embedding LED in a batch of mush. Using the SCOBY from the kombucha of least resistance, we blended up a new batch.

SCOBY of Least Resistance

As the prior batch took so very long to dehydrate, we tried out a yogurt cheese maker, jamming it full of mush and letting it sit overnight to see about driving off as much liquid as possible before air or oven drying.

SCOBY Mush in a Yogurt Cheese Making Thing

A lot of kombucha collected in the bottom after 24 hours. Meanwhile, we prepared four LED, coating the posts in dialectric grease, and using multiple nested layers of heat shrink tubing in an effort to prevent the highly acidic SCOBY mush from corroding the LED legs.


We embedded the LED into the mush, and packed it in all around them. Not sure if the material will capture the LED, or shrink in such a way that they will be easily pulled out, but we’re hoping for the former. After the material dries some, the hope is that it will be a coherent block, which can be removed from the vessel for additional drying.


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