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California Community College makerspaces are creating and sharing a model to fuel job creation and strengthen regional economies.

CCC Maker Initiative

To prepare students for STEM/STEAM careers, California Community Colleges are building makerspaces, faculty are embedding making into curriculum and employers are providing internships.

Doing What MATTERS

The CCC Maker Initiative is funded by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office, Workforce and Economic Division under the Doing What Matters for Jobs and the Economy framework.

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California Community College Makerspaces are driving innovation in education and preparing students for STEM/STEAM careers.

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The CCC Maker Initiative supports California Community Colleges in creating makerspaces, developing maker curriculum, encouraging hands-on student projects and offering internships that uniquely reflect their campuses and communities.

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Workbook to Scale Makermatic Team Internships

The Makermatic Workbook for Coaches was created to guide other colleges to offer work based learning in their makerspaces. It explains the …

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Student and Faculty Data Report Shows Use and Value

Sierra College has a public-private partnership with Hacker Lab in the operation of the Rocklin makerspace, located approximately 1/4 mile …

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June Newsletter Shares Results of Initiative

In the June 2019 issue of the CCC Maker college makerspace update, read about California Community Colleges’ success in offering …

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MakerSphere Collaboratory: Home Page The MakerSPHERE is a collection of makerspaces in three locations on two different CCSF campuses: The Collaboratory (Ocean Campus), …

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Sociocultural Studies Department 3D Prints Homo Naledi Skull

Melissa Artstein-McNassar, an instructor in the Butte College Department of Sociocultural Studies, 3D printed this full-size skull of Homo naledi …

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Butte College hatches ‘maker space’ for jobs, skills

Butte College hatches ‘maker space’ for jobs, skills  

Celebrating STEAM Week

STEAM Universe sponsored a series of national webinars this week for educators.  Carol Pepper-Kittredge presented the CCC Maker initiative model …

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Sierra College Robotics Club Wins Internationally Using Hacker Lab-Sierra Partnership

By Michael Mott on Monday, June 10, 2019 A six-wheeled, solid-chassis Autonomous Firefighter clambered over stairs and debris in …

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The Impact and Potential of College Makerspaces

In this video,  listen to what leaders in makerspace education say about the impact of the CCC Maker initiative and …

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Makermatic Coaches Workbook Published

Those interested in learning more about how college makerspaces can host team internships can learn more by downloading the CCC …

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