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California Community College makerspaces are creating and sharing a model to fuel job creation and strengthen regional economies.

CCC Maker Initiative

To prepare students for STEM/STEAM careers, California Community Colleges are building makerspaces, faculty are embedding making into curriculum and employers are providing internships.

Doing What MATTERS

The CCC Maker Initiative is funded by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office, Workforce and Economic Division under the Doing What Matters for Jobs and the Economy framework.

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California Community College Makerspaces are driving innovation in education and preparing students for STEM/STEAM careers.

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The CCC Maker Initiative supports California Community Colleges in creating makerspaces, developing maker curriculum, encouraging hands-on student projects and offering internships that uniquely reflect their campuses and communities.

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CCC Maker Submits Quarterly Report

The CCC Maker submitted a report to the California Community College Chancellor’s Office showing the impact of the grant from …

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CCC Maker: Video Festival at make/SHIFT

What happens when a community college system builds a network across the state of diverse makespaces responsive to the needs …

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CCC Maker: Watch the Cabrillo College Makerspace Video

In this video, Cabrillo College Fab Lab & Makerspace: Innovating for Good in Our Community, see the impact of this community …

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Internships, Partnerships, Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy, and Builder’s Rites

Student interns just wrapped up three days in the Innovation Center working in teams to solve a business challenge as …

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CCC Maker: City College of San Francisco MakerSPHERE Video

In this video, City College of San Francisco: Connecting & Empowering Students through MakerSPHERE, see how the college focused on …

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CCC Maker: Folsom Lake College Innovation Center Video

In this video, the Innovation Center at Folsom Lake College: Making Across the Curriculum, you’ll see how the college created …

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CCC Maker: Butte College Makerspace Video

The Butte College Create Space Maker Lab was a safe place to gather during the devastating Camp Fire. The fire …

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Students Making Things

Unsurprisingly, there’s been a lot of making in the makerspace lately. For instance, Sydney (student and Makerspace Facilitator) is working …

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Makermatic Interns Present to Trustees

Sierra College students who participated in the CCC Maker Makermatic internship program presented to the Sierra College Board of Trustees …

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