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California Community College makerspaces are creating and sharing a model to fuel job creation and strengthen regional economies.

CCC Maker Initiative

To prepare students for STEM/STEAM careers, California Community Colleges are building makerspaces, faculty are embedding making into curriculum and employers are providing internships.

Doing What MATTERS

The CCC Maker Initiative is funded by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office, Workforce and Economic Division under the Doing What Matters for Jobs and the Economy framework.

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The CCC Maker Initiative supports California Community Colleges in creating makerspaces, developing maker curriculum, encouraging hands-on student projects and offering internships that uniquely reflect their campuses and communities.

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Startup Pitch Mentor Round will be held During Global Entrepreneurship Week

On November 20, Sierra College will host Startup Pitch Mentor Round in celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week. Students will pitch their startups to …

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December 6 – Holiday Maker Workshop

Bring your family to Sierra College Makerspaces Holiday Maker Workshop to create handmade gifts with other the community members, faculty, …

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November 20 – Startup Pitch Mentor Round

To connect entrepreneurs to startup resources as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week, Sierra College Startup Pitch Mentor Round will be …

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Mt. San Antonio College and Moreno Valley College present at MIRA

On July 11, 2019, Mt. San Antonio College and Moreno Valley College presented workshops at the University of La Verne, …

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Rocklin Mini-Maker Faire Celebrates 5th Year

More than 3,500 community members attended the 2019 Rocklin Mini-Maker Faire, organized by the City of Rocklin and hosted at …

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Sierra Tahoe Truckee Campus grows the on-campus makerspace

The Tahoe Truckee Campus of Sierra College has been integrating hands on project based activities into curriculum over the past …

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CCC Maker Presentations at ISAM

On October 17, 2019, Carol Pepper-Kittredge and Deborah Bird, CCC Maker and Brie Lindsey, CCST, made presentations about the CCC …

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Reinvent the Runway 2019 at Rocklin Mini Maker Faire!

Good Day Sacramento featured a few of the 36 artists who will be showing their work at the 2019 Reinvent …

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Sierra College & CCC Maker ISAM Papers

Two papers about the CCC Maker initiative will be presented October 16-18, 2019 at ISAM, being hosted at Yale University. …

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Look for CCC Maker Videos at ISAM

Several of the videos produced by the CCC Maker initiative will be shown at ISAM this year. Four of the …

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