Celebrating Carol Pepper-Kittredge!

Our dear friend, Carol Pepper-Kittredge, who led the CCC Maker network and many other programs for Sierra College, is retiring in June 2020. Below we’ve included quotes from people whose lives she touched and photos that spark memories of the many programs she managed. Carol’s contributions have made a difference for us and positively impacted students on so many levels. We wish you much happiness in retirement!

Congratulations, Carol, on a superb career and your gracious legacy of integrity, hard work, reliability, fairness, and excellence. Your love for your job and for your associates and, especially your students, was evident in all your many activities, events, and programs. Thank you for your smile and friendship. May you enjoy many happy years with your family and hobbies – and, especially, your grandchildren, who I expect to be great Makers.

Steve Ricketts

Carol is a renaissance woman.  She has many talents, skills, and interests. She is kind, giving, and generous. To drive education innovation, Carol championed hands-on project-based learning for students – and teachers.  Although she is retiring, I know she will continue to use her renaissance skills to make a difference wherever she goes.

Sandra Scott

Carol has the most amazing fortitude and drive developing and administering programs.  These programs have directly assisted students achieve the skills and experience they require to be successful in the real world.  She persevered many years driven by her passion for student success.  Carol is a wonderful team leader and mentor.

It has been a pleasure to serve with her on multiple programs.  We thank you and wish you only the best in your retirement.

Steve and Louisa Hunter

Carol’s perspective to merge creative and applied skills with students at the center of it all has shaped the educational landscape. Carol’s work in STEM pathways led the way to her innovative contributions in educational makerspaces through CCC Maker. Carol built collaborative teams of geniuses and friends to redefine what is possible in education. What transpired with 23 college makerspaces is truly revolutionary and set the foundation the next chapter in collaborative and creative education. Carol has had a remarkable career and has left a permanent and evolutionary mark from which we will continue to build with her original vision of what is possible in learning. It has been an honor to first be inspired by Carol and then to work alongside her.

Amy B. Schulz

I have two mentors in my life that have really changed the trajectory of where I was going; one was my middle school woodshop teacher and the other was Carol. I am forever grateful for her mentorship, insight, and always being my number 1 champion. She changed my life in small actions that led to giant outcomes.

Jonathan Schwartz

Carol’s spirit, drive, tireless energy and determination have helped shape the future of workforce development and manufacturing education in this region that will resonate for generations to follow.

Jeff Briggs

As the Regional Director, Carol provided great mentorship and guidance to effectively navigate the administrative hurdles I encountered.  In addition, Carol also helped open my eyes to view the entire Maker community as another group of manufacturing enthusiasts.  Her enthusiasm for creative thinking has also inspired me personally and professionally.  Carol is part of the reason for transitioning my business to focus on manufacturing any products that require a sewing manufacturing process.  I’m happy she will be able to continue her passion for making and creativity.  I wish her the best in this next part of her journey!

Mike Bell

It was a privilege and a personal career highlight to work with Carol and the CCC Maker Project.  Carol gave me the opportunity to step outside of a traditional accounting role and to be part her awesome team. I’m wishing her all the best for a Happy Retirement.

Toni Edgerton

I’ve only had the pleasure of working with her indirectly over the past couple of years, but I am always amazed by her ability to remain amazingly peaceful and calm (Zen-like in fact!) while jet-setting across the country and juggling so many high impact projects!  She is so talented and kind, but I am most impressed by her sense of balance and serenity (maybe inside she’s the Tasmanian Devil, but it never shows!).

Wishing her all the best in retirement!

Jill Alcorn

You have been an inspiration to me, Carol.  You are creative (of course!), intelligent, discerning and gracious.  I have so enjoyed all of the many years we have worked together.  Thank you in particular for your passionate fostering of the makers movement at Sierra College.  It is an important legacy you leave the college but by no means the only one!  Sure hope to see you in the near future.

Love to you,

Steph Ortiz

Carol is an extraordinary leader, a supportive colleague and a dear friend. Because of Carol’s dedication and skill, CCC Maker became not just the highlight of my professional career but also a peak experience in my life.

Carol’s leadership is so grounded in her love of community and respect for others that she made the whole CCC Maker team feel like one big family.

The first time I went to a Chancellor’s Office meeting with Carol, I realized just how well loved she is. People kept coming up to her all day long, hugging and laughing and reminiscing about past projects. I knew right then that I was in good hands and that our work together would be fun. Now, when I see Carol, I feel that same sense of joy and friendship that she brings out in everyone. I’m an enthusiastic member of Carol’s fan club!

Carol’s strength of character and gentle guidance made even the most ambitious goals seem achievable. Carol encouraged us to embrace big ideas, take on huge challenges, and achieve remarkable results. She is fearless!

Our work on CCC Maker may be (almost) over but the legacy of the project just keeps growing. I admire Carol’s insight, knowing that the path to success is through creative freedom, risk taking and the willingness to fail and try again. We all took the risk together and our success was all the sweeter for it.

Carol has earned our love and respect through her tireless and selfless efforts to help our community and I hope she will bask in our appreciation as she ventures forth into her next big adventure. Make on!

Deborah Bird

Carol is a visionary force and was instrumental in the opening and continued support of the Tahoe-Truckee Makers’ Space. Using the textile lab and laser cutter, making in the curriculum has become integrated by faculty, enthusiastically received by students, and is taking off. Carol’s steadfast focus, ability to navigate overwhelming challenges, and warm hearted/determined belief in empowering students is an ethos that will continue beyond her individual tenure. Carol has already touched the lives of hundreds of students in immeasurable ways.

With sincere appreciation for her many gifts,

And with love,

Kim Bateman

Thank you for everything you have done for us over the years. Without you, our programs wouldn’t be anywhere close to where they are now.

Thanks to your efforts, more than 3000 students have built catapults at Del Oro. Somewhere around 800 students have been introduced to the field of mechatronics, many of which are now in the field. Your vision was truly amazing and I appreciate your help more than you can ever imagine.

I hope you will have a long and amazing retirement. You will be missed!

Thomas Stargaard

What an honor it has been to work with you and to be a member of this dynamic team for the past 14 years.  You have led us with gentle wisdom and amazing leadership that have caused me personally to grow and end my own career with enthusiasm and contentment in knowing that our efforts, under your positive and tireless direction have caused innovative change and best practice.

Please enjoy your well deserved retirement doing all of those things that feed your soul.  I will miss you forever and love you always…

Valaine Donaghue

I worked with Carol for almost 10 years and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Carol has many wonderful qualities, including integrity, reliability and always working for the good of the team.  Many of the projects she successfully completed were the result of these qualities.  I wish her all the best as she begins her new journey.

Judy Schmidt

Carol is such an amazing influencer, mentor, and advocate. I feel incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have worked under Carol’s guidance. She is dedicated to her craft and leads with vision and hard work, which is evident in the impact she has had throughout her career. Carol is the ultimate Maker….bringing people together and building community.

Tanya Hanrihan

There are many of us who have benefited from the kindness, wisdom and generosity of Carol Pepper-Kittredge.  But, for those of us who have been graced with the gift of her friendship, there will always be a special place in our hearts for Carol.  Carol, I wish for you, in retirement, much happiness and many adventures.  I know you will continue to be a consummate maker, but even more, there will be endless amounts of love and hugs with your grand babies and puppies.

Deborah Lowe Muramoto

I wanted to take just a moment to briefly reflect on what our relationship has meant to me over the decade plus.  The activities, programs, and projects you and your team(s) have developed have all greatly assisted me in my professional development. I’ve learned a lot from you and the work you’ve accomplished over the years. Thank you. I’m very appreciative that you had confidence in my abilities, guided me to opportunities of employment and meaningful engagement in our local design+make community.

I have learned to appreciate the solid counsel and advice you provided on the prickly matters.  Your experience working with systems and relationships was of great value to me. Most importantly, you have always been willing to listen, brainstorm together, and act on ideas that have made a difference in our educational community. Those characteristics of leadership are invaluable.

We have worked together for many challenging and enjoyable years, and I hope our paths continue to cross during future endeavors. All the best in formal retirement, and success in your upcoming ventures. Thank you for so much more than a short note can denote. Enjoy your fabulous future journey! And, please, keep in touch.

Steve Dicus

For over ten years, Carol Pepper-Kittredge has been affectionately known as the STEM Sister of Placer Union High School District. Formally recognized by our Board of Trustees in 2010 and beloved by our faculty and staff, her talent at bringing people together to deliver relevant maker instruction and to celebrate inspired learning has transformed the student experience in our classrooms, shops and labs. Mention Carol’s name in the presence of any of our CTE teachers and you’re guaranteed to trigger a smile. Carol will be dearly missed and yet we know even in retirement she’ll keep on evangelizing for the power of making in our community.

Gregg Ramseth

I am extremely fortunate to work with Carol over the last several years.  Carol is an amazing, generous and thoughtful dean.  She is passionate about the work she is doing and has made a difference in countless lives because of her tireless efforts.  But more importantly, she treats each and every person with the utmost respect.  She listens and learns from those around her, and genuinely respects each person on her team.   I am lucky to not only gotten to work on projects with Carol, but also to count her as a friend.  I look forward to seeing the more creative endeavors she takes on in her retirement!

Katie Lucero

I have really enjoyed working with Carol Pepper Kittredge. Her passion for our CTE program is inspiring.  I will miss working with her, but I wish her the most joyous and relaxing retirement, it is well deserved.

Teri Turner

Carol’s empathy, wisdom, and expertise make it an honor to collaborate with her. She carries compassion on the cellular level, and her commitment to improving student lives has been nothing short of inspiring.

Goli Mohammadi

Congratulations on your retirement! I wanted to make sure you knew how grateful I am for your continued support and faith in me as a storyteller. Not only have you employed me for the last three years, you have given me the honor of expressing my talents and sharing those gifts with the world…I cannot ever thank you enough for those opportunities. Your care and pride for Sierra College students, faculty and staff is inspiring–wishing only the best for those around you. THANK YOU for working so hard and so lovingly and THANK YOU for being a true hero in my life. Congratulations on a lifetime’s worth of hard work, bravery, and trail blazing! I wish you joy, reflection and lots of time with family and friends in this new chapter of your life.

Michelle Zamora

I want to send you some best wishes and a lot of hugs as you start your retirement.  I only started working closely with you the past few years or so and in that time I saw what a champion you are for everything CTE and work-based learning.  Your passion for getting initiatives off of the ground at Sierra was apparent and not only appreciated by me but many others in the business department and in CTE.  The path to making change has been a bumpy and frustrating one, but I do not think that your work has been in vain.  There are many champions in CTE and the business department to carry your passion forward!  I wanted to thank you for having the courage and strength to start these ideas at the college.  Without people like you, our students lose out on amazing opportunities that can shape and change their lives.  I am sure that while you did not work with many students directly, your work at Sierra has impacted them and will do so for years to come.  I hope you have a happy and well-deserved retirement!  Take care!  You will be greatly missed at Sierra!

Anne Diamond

Throughout my life, she has set an example to always do your best, work hard, and always help when someone asks for it. She has continuously given herself to her career, so I’m excited for this new life chapter as she retires. She has earned this well deserved time for herself and family. I love you mom!

Ariel Kittredge

My sister Carol stands for the three C’s caring, compassion and commitment. She is definitely there all of us. I’m very grateful to be related to her and that she’s in my life.

Polly Pepper

Carol has been my mentor for more than a decade. She’s one of the most supportive people I’ve ever known and the ultimate motivator. Her passion and persistence for everything she does is unmatched. I have both worked with Carol and am lucky enough to have a personal relationship with her as well. She hired me from 2007-2008 to assist her at Sierra College as part of the Center for Applied and Competitive Technology Dept., she helped my husband and I build our amazing home and I’ve worked on several Hacker Lab projects with her. She has always guided and mentored me when I felt lost and confused and she was and has always been an absolute inspiration to me. I’m delighted for her retirement and I can’t wait for my daughter and I to enjoy some more time with her!!

Mallory Kittredge

My mom taught me work ethic from a very young age. I attribute much of my success because of the examples she and my dad both set for me. My mom has worked tirelessly to enrich the lives of others and the accomplishments she’s achieved inspire me to do better for myself and my family. I’m looking forward to seeing what she does in retirement.

Garett Kittredge

It has been an honor to work alongside you, continually guiding students toward greater opportunities. Our friendship grew as we defined goals, brainstormed, developed strategy, produced programs and communicated results. Through your leadership and gracious collaboration, you listened to instructors, connected with industry and advocated for students to create innovative, relevant projects that inspired participants. You envisioned the power of the maker movement to change lives, starting with Sierra College and then creating the CCC Maker network. Your integrity, selflessness, innovation, passion, inclusiveness and work ethic are unmatched. Thank you for trusting me as an integral part of your team, allowing me to ask “what is the goal?” and choose words to tell your story. May you flourish in retirement, pursuing all your creative interests!

Karen Fraser-Middleton

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