Maker Mindset: Mapping Meaning

Sierra Makerspaces team members, Dr. Kim Bateman, Executive Dean at the Tahoe-Truckee Campus and Dr. Todd Wold, Manager, College and Careers, Perkins Coordinator, and Director of the summer STEAM & CTE academy for Tahoe Truckee USD, developed and are conducting a series of Makefulness workshops for faculty and other members of makerspace communities in Rocklin, Grass Valley and Truckee.  On September 7, participants learned about the Maker Mindset: Mapping Meaning – identifying their educator values, mapping their multiple stories, and learning how to help students map their core values through the application of maker competencies.  Another workshop is scheduled at the Nevada County Campus (Grass Valley) on September 19. 







Participants were multi-disciplinary, including faculty from English, Animal Science, Mechatronics, Welding, Applied Art & Design/Photo, Engineering and Mathematics; administrators from Staff Development and Workforce Development; and team members from Sierra Makerspaces.   Everyone started out by sharing their first favorite cartoon character. Examples were Wiley Coyote (smart, resourceful, resilient), Felix the Cat (adaptable, his magic bag of solutions), the Tasmanian Devil (if something isn’t working, start over quickly!), Bugs Bunny (funny, factual, calm), Mighty Mouse (brave, fast, saves the world), Jerry (the mouse of Tom & Jerry – cute, smart, gets stuff done), Popeye (“I am what I am…..”, fights evil).   We then started to develop visual and written maps of personal values and experiences, and shared how this shaped our work as educators.  A follow-on discussion focused on how to avoid ‘single story’ viewpoints ( in our work with students, our colleagues and the community.  The final discussion focused on how faculty might integrate storyintation and mapping into curriculum, helping students connect their personal and professional values and experiences to instructional content and educational pathways.

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