How Many Bubbles in a Bar of Soap?

Diane Carlson (Sociology professor, and co-creator of Making Social Change) and I finally got around to building out version 2.0 of the Wheel of Voter Fortune Diane created as part of the Making Across the Curriculum faculty professional development academy from summer of 2016. Diane uses the wheel with her students to help them develop an understanding of voter suppression. Building upon Diane’s original prototype, we added a mask so that only one segment of the wheel would be revealed.

How Many Bubbles?

We also created a control panel to hold a switch and batteries…

Wheel of Voter Fortune control plate

…and used a piece of copper wire and an LED to create a flexible lamp.

Wheel of Voter Fortune v2

Ideas for version 3 include interchangeable question wheels, and maybe some elaborate game show lights and sounds!

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