Before and After (Dirty Lab)

Hartnell College assigned a room 25′ x 30′ for the dirty makerspace lab. This room used to be used for storage for the construction lab which is right next door. The room had a large wooden storage area for plywood and other wood that was used in the class.

It took some time but the room got emptied out and the color on the wall was very boring.

We could make it bigger by removing the wooden structure as it was made for storing wood and it took way too much room that could be used to place more equipment.

It’s starting to look better but it wasn’t quite up to our standards, it needed more color.

It’s so attractive now. Next was time to bring in the makerspace furniture and equipment.


With the help of some Hartnell Students and Staff we were able to get all the furniture built. Everyone rolled up their sleeves and got to work.


The room is ready for use.

Posted by Claudia Maciel-Contreras

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