June Workshops in the Clean Makerspace Lab

We opened our clean Makerspace Lab during the month of June to the community. They were invited to take some workshops.

We did several workshops where the participants learned how to make a website. The participants learned HTML (hypertext markup language) for the content and basic structure of their website and then they learned CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) for the design and layout of their website. The participants got to take home a website that they made themselves about any subject that they wanted. One of the local Girl Scouts troop joined us to earn their digital making patch. The girls were very happy and there are now 5 more unicorn websites.

Another workshop was called physical computing with a Raspberry Pi. In this 2 day workshop the participants learned about coding with python. Python is a programming language that is used with the Raspberry Pi’s. The Rasbperry Pi is a computer about the size of a credit card. They used this small computer to make LED lights come on and off. First they made it work with a button that they installed and programmed and then they had to build a contraption that would use a ball to push the button and make the lights light up.

It was a very successful first month of activities with members of the community.


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