Woodland Community College Students Begin 3D Printing

The 3D Printers are the superstars of the Woodland Community College Makerspace. Since we sat them out last year, student interest has been building. This spring we are offering several Makerspace workshops to students, including four opportunities for students to begin engaging with 3D printing. The first two workshops had 14 students who were walked through the process of how 3D printing works at WCC and designing a keytag in TinkerCad that they could 3D print.

One student who attended asked for assistance designing a bracelet with a name on it as a prototype for a possible concert wristband and souvenir for her niece who is a singer who shares the same name. She was so excited to see her prototype come to life!

For more information about the WCC Makerspace visit our website or contact Dena Martin, Makerspace Faculty Champion and Librarian: Email: dmartin(at)yccd.edu or  Phone: (530) 661.5740.

Picture of WCC student project.
WCC student 3D designed a prototype for a concert wristband/souvenir for her niece who is a singer.

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