Women’s Wednesday in the SmartHUB

A great big thanks to CCSF student Hafsah Syed, Vice President of the Multicultural Affairs Committee from the Associated Students Council of City College of San Francisco for this blog posting from the CCSF MakerSPHERE:

Hello, my name is Hafsah Syed and I am the Vice President of the Multicultural Affairs Committee from the Associated Students Council of City College of San Francisco. The Associated Students Council acts as a liaison between the student body and the administration and advocates for their constituents: the students. In particular, my committee is in charge of hosting events and workshops that recognize diversity and social justice issues.

March was Women’s History Month, and I was searching for event ideas. I stumbled into the MakerSPHERE accidentally and met Maura Devlin-Clancy (CCSF Maker Coordinator) and Lea Smith (CNIT Faculty and MAKR 100 instructor), two amazing women who invited me in and showed me all of the cool equipment and tools in the SmartHUB, Science 211.

Flyer for Women's Wednesday

We collaborated to host the Women’s Wednesday Event to provide a space to celebrate amazing women in history while engaging in fun activities (light refreshments included!). The event was on March 6th from 12pm to 2pm, and consisted of four stations: origami, button-making, keychains, and a positivity poster. Each station also featured a fun fact about an amazing woman in history.

Students making origami

At the origami table, students were able to make hearts or lotus flowers.


  Image of buttons

At the button-making station, students were able to make their own buttons with empowering messages about women.


Image of positivity poster

At the positivity poster station, students were able to sign a poster with positive and supportive messages about women.


Images of keychains being made in the makerspace    Keychains made on the laser cutter

At the keychain station, students were able to pick up and take home a keychain that I designed with Lea. Students could choose between pink acrylic keychains or wooden keychains.


Student learning to use the laser cutter

Halfway through the event, Lea demonstrated how the keychains were made in the laser cutter for the event attendees by making an example keychain and explaining the laser cutter’s mechanisms and accompanying software.

The event was a success. Students engaged in meaningful conversations about equality while sipping pink lemonade and showing off their freshly made buttons. Having a Women’s Wednesday Event allowed for community-building and on-campus engagement for a hard-working and busy student population.

Note: Thank you Hafsah for your student leadership at CCSF and for being among our MakerSPHERE student pioneers!   –Maura

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