Watch How the MakerMatic Internship Works

Anyone who has coordinated student internships knows how time consuming it is to identify potential employers and interns, prepare the students, arrange interviews, get the internship underway and follow-up afterwards. CCC Maker was funded to provide students with 20 hour internships that reflected the skills that they developed in the college makerspaces. It was hoped that employers would match the hours to extend the internship to 40 hours. Since 20 hours is a relatively short time for an internship and it was challenging for many of the colleges to set up these internships, CCC Maker sought a better solution that would benefit employers as well as the students.

The result was MakerMatic, an internship based in the makerspace. With MakerMatic, a group of students are taught design thinking skills and apply them to help an employer solve a problem. The employer brings in a specific problem for students to work on, and faculty guide the students through eight sessions of forming teams, brainstorming, selecting ideas, reiterating and finally presenting their solutions to an employer panel.

Watch this video showcasing the MakerMatic pilot to learn more about the CCC Maker cohort internship.

CCC Maker appreciates Michelle Zamora of Sacramento City College who documented the pilot and created the video. Thank you to CCC Maker advisory committee members Pat Crain, VSP and Brian McKeown, Kiva who supported our team in developing this project. Tom Cappelleti and Missy Anapolsky, Sacramento City College faculty members and makerspace leaders, were collaborative partners who ran the sessions and helped refine the curriculum developed by Paul Devoe and Salomon Davila, CCC Maker Leadership team.

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