Truckee Roundhouse – State of Make Address

The Truckee Roundhouse (makerspace) board of directors celebrated their first year of operation on November 6 by inviting ecosystem partners (including Sierra College) to an evening reception and a “State of Make” address by co-founder Morgan Goodwin.  Goodwin is the current mayor of the City of Truckee.  Board members recapped how the community came together and bootstrapped the space, raising more than $100,000, renovating a warehouse, and installing fabrication equipment with help from the City, the municipal airport authority, businesses, and residents.  Other presenters included the elementary school district’s Career and Technical Education coordinator, who described a summer experience at the makerspace for middle school children, and shared his dreams for expanding access to students on a continual basis; and a member of the space who shared her story of ‘finding her community’ as a Roundhouse member.

Truckee Roundhouse community celebrates a year of Making

The Roundhouse gained 150 members and served more than 540 makers over the last year, offering classes in everything from laser cutting  to sewing to CNC.  The Roundhouse also held a community mini-maker event in Truckee last June (it snowed!).  Sierra College participated with the Welding Department’s mobile lab and other hands-on maker activities such as fabricating toys.  The Roundhouse has a goal of expanding the space by another 1200 sq. ft. and raising $140,000 in 2018.

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