Switchblade Flying Car will be Featured at Startup Pitch Mentor Round

Presentations from Sam Bousfield, Founder and CEO, Samson Sky, and Jocelyn Munroe, Founder and CEO, e-Handoff, as well as Sierra College entrepreneurship students pitching their business startups will take place at Sierra College in Rocklin on Wednesday, February 20, 2019 from 5:30-8:30 pm during Startup Pitch Mentor Round. 

The Sierra College second Startup Pitch Mentor Round will contribute to the Sacramento startup ecosystem with mentors assembled by Steve Ricketts, Founder, SRickettsConsulting.  Get tickets for Startup Pitch Mentor Round. Read the flyer for Startup Pitch Mentor Round.

Connect Founders with Students: The goal of Sierra College Startup Pitch Mentor Round on February 20 is to encourage regional entrepreneurship by connecting successful founders with students and the community, explained Ricketts. “The mentors have generously agreed to share their expertise with students who pitch their business ideas,” said Ricketts. “The community is invited to attend to hear about exciting young companies as well as listen to the advice and resources suggested by the mentors.”

The mentors include: David Dwelle, Co-Founder, Flyers Energy, LLC and Pacific Power Renewables; Jason France, Founder, President and Sole Owner, ClipperCreek, Inc.; Mark Haney, Founder, CEO, HaneyBiz and Host, The Mark Haney Show and Monique Brown, VP Operations, HaneyBiz; Rand Heer, Founder, CEO Piller Corporation and Alight, Inc.; Aaron Klein, Co-Founder, CEO Riskalyze, Inc.; Dr. Grover Lee, Founder, CEO, Wise Villa Winery and American Health Care; Bridget Powers, Former Mayor of Auburn and President, JxB Properties; Don Whitaker, Founder, CEO CERONIX, Inc.; Craig Mitchell, Director, DCA Partners, LLC; Debbie Lowe Muramoto, Director, Women’s Business Center; Eric Ullrich, Co-Founder, Hacker Lab and Steve Ricketts, Founder SRickettsConsulting.

Students emerging from these entrepreneurship programs are being given an opportunity to pitch their startups at this Mentor Round.

Samson Sky Switchblade: With three wheels and swing out wings, the Samson Switchblade flying vehicle will enable owners to drive to the airport and fly to their destinations. After more than 10 years in development, the company has almost 900 pre-orders from 47 states and 30 countries and a pre-launch third-party valuation in excess of $75 million. The company expects to schedule the maiden voyage within the next few months. Bousfield, and his wife and partner, Martha, reside in Meadow Vista, CA.

e-HandoffJocelyn Munroe, Founder and CEO, e-Handoff, will also be speaking about the evolution of her company. She won the first prize at the StartupSac Warm-Up Pitch in December 2018. The vision of e-Handoff is to assist clinicians, patients and families worldwide to communicate successfully during transitions of care points along a patient’s journey, to help people get and stay well.

Future Entrepreneurs: Carol Pepper-Kittredge, Associate Dean, Workforce Innovation, Sierra College, explained that faculty members are collaborating to create new programs that prepare students to think like entrepreneurs. “Business professor, Dennis Wingate, adapted the Adobe Kickbox model to propel students through the business startup planning process,” said Pepper-Kittredge. “He and Denise Bushnell, business professor, with other faculty members created a Business Entrepreneurship Skills Certificate and Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Certificate. Students emerging from these programs are being given an opportunity to pitch their startups at this Mentor Round.”

The college is grateful to the volunteer mentors who can provide the essential encouragement that gives students the confidence to pursue their dreams.

Regional Economic Development: Sierra College can support entrepreneurs at the heart of regional economic growth, explained Amy Schulz, Dean, Business and Technology Division. “Students in all disciplines have creative ideas that could become local services or products manufactured in our region,” said Schulz. “The college is grateful to the volunteer mentors who can provide the essential encouragement that gives students the confidence to pursue their dreams.” Sierra College offers entrepreneurship classes, business certificates and degrees, community education courses, the student Enactus Club and connections with community makerspaces where members can refine their ideas, develop prototypes and receive advice.

Get tickets for the Feb. 20 Startup Pitch Round. For more information, contact Steve Ricketts at sricketts(at)cebridge.net or (530) 878-0112.


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