Students Tell Stories at Maker Faire

When the CCC Maker team participated at the Maker Faire Bay Area three years ago, we envisioned students taking the lead. This May, not only did college students work in the booth, they were the stars of our Student Showcase, sharing how they had been impacted by the community college makerspaces in the CCC Maker network.

What follows are short clips of the students sharing their stories of transformation in their college makerspaces. They were all grateful for the makerspace community that developed at  their colleges. They also reported experiences such as starting businesses, being interns, taking on leadership roles, building amazing projects for social good, finding their passion and transferring to university to pursue their education goals.

Check out the students’ slides that were presented at the Student Showcase.

These are also available on the CCC Maker You Tube Channel.

Many of the students had also participated as speakers at the make/SHIFT conference held in April. To help prepare students, we developed slide decks with tips, a member of the team communicated directly with the students, emails were sent and webinars were offered. If you plan on helping your student makers tell their stories, you might want to provide similar preparation. This is a sample of the speaking tips.



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