Students design Makerspace logos

A Moorpark College student who dropped by the pop-up Makerspace to complete a 3D print checks out some of the prospective logos on display. Professor Clare Sadnik, Makerspace coordinator, checks a design file in the background.
logos showing floating elements, word Makerspace
Two of the logos for the Moorpark College Makerspace feature elements emerging from an interlocking solid. Graphics students produced the prototypes.

Students in a Moorpark College graphics class have designed logos for use with the new Makerspace being operated on campus.

Eight families of logos are currently on display in the Campus Center where students can vote for their favorites and enter into a drawing for prizes.
The students who created the logos are part of a graphic design class taught by professor Susan Gardner. To produce the logos, the class first heard from the campus’s Makerspace coordinator, art professor Clare Sadnik. Then the class brainstormed various motifs and went to the drawing boards.

The logos hung in the campus Communication Building for two weeks. While there, some faculty, administrators and staff gave input on their favorites. Now the logos have been moved to the Campus Center room that houses the pop-up Makerspace.

Logos included symbolic images, such as this robot with hammer and toolbox.

Students are being asked to select a favorite which then allows them to enter a drawing for prizes. The student input will run through Nov. 3. At that point, the Makerspace team will either decide on one of the logos or select from among the favorites for additional refinement.

The Makerspace, which is part of a CCCMaker state grant, is available on Tuesday and Thursday from 1 to 3 p.m. in the Campus Center, Room 144, and in the Applied Arts Building, Room 132, on Wednesday from 1 to 4 p.m. and Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Several logos, including this one, offered variations on cubes and geometic figures.

For information, contact Sadnik at csadnik or journalism professor Michael Hoffman at [email protected]

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