Student input infuses inspiration in CCSF MakerSPHERE

Student involvement is a core value for the CCSF MakerSPHERE. City College has folded student involvement into the launch of our maker spaces by fusing classroom projects with the conceptualization and design of our emerging MakerSPHERE. Two class projects are highlighted.

First, students in ARCH 20 Architectural Graphics worked in teams to redesign our SmartHUB. The Chemistry Lab, in our Science Hall, is undergoing an overhaul and will eventually house our instructional  making areas.

Stationary Tables as they exist now

At presentation last months, and after months of consultations and field trips, students reconceptualized the space in many interesting ways.

Kay & Pedro’s layout (below) defines the space as a modern and modular workroom.









Theo, Giovanni’s and Christ’s redesign (below) included an artful, mezzanine.

A Second, a group of students in the Computer Science Special Projects course worked with faculty member Erez Morag to create a badge system for equipment coming on line in our spaces.

Students and staff that have been trained to used a piece of equipment will receive a digital badge. Using a bar-coded ID car, the units designed and coded at each station reads the barcode and activate the power for an approved user.

This design group called themselves SPACE BADGERS. Every group needs a logo!

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