Student Designs a School Project in Fusion 360

Student Maker in Residence at the the Rocklin Hackerlab, used Fusion 360 to design a product for her Communications course. The project assigned was to create a presentation on selling a product, and the student maker’s group envisioned an indestructible phone case. The project, itself, was meant to be satirical, so the design was not crafted to be fully functional; though, the case design was an integral part of what brought the presentation together, offering a nifty visual for the audience to grasp the concept.

Rather than using old fashioned cardboard cutouts and superglue to present the idea to the class, Fusion 360 allowed for a detailed design and full rendering, in both material and setting; i.e., (as shown in the pictures) this project was illustrated to be made out of a gold-like material, and was viewed as a levitating object within a city plaza.

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