About This Space

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Innovative Solutions

We are investing in high tech solutions for our community to access so they can learn and train on relevant equipment and software to be better prepared for 21st century work. With state of the art equipment that is utilized by industry, our community will be able to start their own business or be more competitive for jobs in our region.

Education and Mentorship

We will be offering a comprehensive list of events, workshops, classes, and symposiums including college classes from San Bernardino Valley College to help you be prepared for work. From our 1 Million Cups events to our workshops supporting new skills and career paths, you are sure to be more prepared for your future.


We are curating a community of entrepreneurs, investors, inventors, industry partners, and education partners to collectively propel our region into the 21st Century. By collaboratively working together we will ensure the Inland Empire has a highly skilled workforce which will increase investment in our region improving our economy.