Some Assembly Required

By Michelle Zamora, SCC Makerspace Student Lead

There were a lot of moving parts when I joined the team. To wrap my head around all the things that were happening, I made a mind map. Branch after branch, we added to the map, and it quickly turned into a living, breathing thing. From branding, to safety, badging and internships, network and electricity, staff training, student help, website infrastructure and design, programs, workshops, courses, the physical space, assembly and QR codes…it’s safe to say we have our hands full, but also safe to say we have a passionate team who’s diverse expertise and team-oriented mindsets will make all of it happen.

My first week we were assembling work benches, tools, and bringing in large deliveries. We had meetings with our Network Specialists to assure connectivity, we met with our campus Web Master to approve a Makerspace site that delineates from the SCC style guide, and most exciting (in my opinion), we had a meeting with Apple to discuss their new user-friendly coding platform, Swift.

Our president at SCC, Michael Gutierrez is on board with our mission and is fearlessly leading the educational reform on our campus. Bringing together instructors and students from all disciplines including the Makerspace Staff, to learn more about different avenues of learning like AR (augmented reality) and coding as a new form of literacy.

Apple Education is promoting diversity in coding. In line with our mission for the SCC Makerspace, we want students from all ethnicities and backgrounds to learn in this space. By partnering with Apple we hope to interest more young women and minorities in STEAM fields, ultimately expanding diversity in technical careers.

I left the Apple meeting feeling energized and excited for new opportunities for our students. Tom was able to secure funds to buy an iCart with thirty iPads that run Swift so students in the Makerspace and across campus can learn how to code.

Everyone is working hard to assure this space is successful and sustainable with new opportunities and ideas for the space coming in every day. Now we move from assembly to installation and implementation—then we’ll iterate and improve…as we do in the world of design thinking…to ensure the best possible outcome. 

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