Sierra Tahoe Truckee Campus grows the on-campus makerspace

The Tahoe Truckee Campus of Sierra College has been integrating hands on project based activities into curriculum over the past three years through the Sierra Makerspaces collaborative.  One year ago, a micro-lab for textiles was created and students in the Psychology of Death and Dying class designed and constructed memorial artifacts that were personalized to their lives.  In partnership with the Truckee Roundhouse, graphic art students learned to use the laser cutter and designed/built beautiful customized light boxes, and Art students learned how to work with textiles and create personalized products.  The campus and Sierra Makerspaces has also been a regular participant in the Truckee Roundhouse Maker Show held each June.

As students and faculty engaged in projects that enhanced the learning process, interest grew in expanding the micro-lab.  Dr. Kim Bateman, Executive Dean, identified an under-utilized lab and the Sierra Makerspaces team went to work, installing a Universal laser cutter, a Silver Bullet cutter and other equipment.  Faculty training and mentoring will support use of the equipment and development of projects into a variety of classes and disciplines.  Stay tuned for more news on how the makerspace is benefiting students and faculty in Truckee!

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