Sierra student and Sierra Makerspace Leader Teaches Design Thinking Workshop

Heather Lincoln, a Sierra College student in her final semester, and a Sierra Makerspace student participant, conducted a three-hour Design Thinking workshop for 20 Girl Scouts ranging in age from 10-13 at Hacker Lab Powered by Sierra College on November 12 2017.  Girls learned how to quickly ideate and prototype by designing a holder for their pencil mounted on a notebook.  Heather used constraints of time (xx number of minutes to complete small tasks) and materials (items only available on a maker cart) to encourage creativity.

In a second exercise, the girls were organized in teams and given a design challenge for a new product that could improve their lives.  The team then presented their prototype to the group.  Products included shoes that were impervious to nail punctures (and had materials that were beneficial to animals and the environment), a cup that was spill proof and unbreakable, and a 3-in-1 sponge that never smelled bad.  Pitches had to include the customer value proposition and the per unit cost.  

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