Sierra modifies MakerMatic to serve community maker events

Internship 95 Final Report January 2020

Three makerspace-related events that took place in fall 2019 were designed with significant student engagement: the 5th Rocklin Mini Maker Faire, the Reinvent the Runway show, and Holiday Family Maker night.  Forty-three students were recruited through a public outreach effort on the Rocklin campus in September.  By the conclusion of the work-based experience, which ended December 15, twenty-six students completed a for-credit internship class and a noncredit (BUS 800) 21st century skills class, developed a LinkedIn profile and resume, and created customized business cards.  Students received a scholarship through the College’s Foundation.  

Student comments:

“I decided to launch my own product marketing business.  I was able to work on a business plan, make business cards and tailor a LinkedIn profile to my new endeavor utilizing the LinkedIn, resume and Business Card Workshop to take beginning steps in my marketing business.  As a result, I was contacted by a family acquaintance to design a marketing campaign for their lake resort and new restaurant!” – Cheyenne P.

“I am better able to work in a team setting or a leadership position where I need to communicate with others.   I am much better at talking to strangers and making connections now. I know now how to sound more professional on LinkedIn and in online platforms.   I’ve learned a lot about my strengths and weaknesses and am more confident.  I’ve learned to work with people of different ages, genders and ethnicities.  I learned that prioritization, time management and scheduling are of utmost importance.” – Karun H. 

“During the Mini-Maker Fair, I responded to the call of flexibility, patience and teamwork as we adjusted to working with multiple booths and tables with short notice, and running out of supplies and needing to adjust. The Holiday workshop was a phenomenal example of what I learned from our Business 800 course, including learning styles and personality types, how to use social media for networking and building connections, providing information to guests.  I gained a sense of ownership and a feeling that we are part of a collective goal. On many occasions, I was proactive in my work and accomplished solutions without supervision.  I made many new friends of all ethnic groups and cultures, many that I connected with on LinkedIn and continue to remain close.” – Michelle P.

“I learned that age is not an indicator of how willing someone is to work and do a good job.  There is always more than one way to do a job, but it has to be approached from an efficiency standpoint.  It isn’t profitable to work without a plan.  Getting all of my tools and materials and space for my workstation set up was key.  We were an integral part of the execution of two successful community events.” – Ray A.

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