Sierra Makerspaces uses MakerMatic to Guide the Future

Sierra Makerspaces held its first MakerMatic meetup on February 7 at Hacker Lab powered by Sierra College with 20 Sierra College students and employer partner, Kevin Cobb of


Sierra Photo students set up and conducted a head shot session for MakerMatic interns

AP Architects.  The students are a diverse group – in race and ethnicity, gender and college major – and will be working in teams to develop multiple solutions to the following problem:

How can we plan for a 21st century learning environment and what spaces or uses need to be included?  Student perspective.

In advance of addressing this problem, students will complete three modules of New World of Work training (earning digital badges) conducted by Welding Prof. Aleda Vaughn; develop a resume and LinkedIn profile; and take a professional head shot in business attire by students in Prof. Kirk Amyx’ photo class.  All training and experiences will take place at Hacker Lab powered by Sierra College.

Prof Denise Bushnell, Lead Trainer, and Sebastian Romanet, Assistant Coach, explain the MakerMatic plan
Kevin Cobb, AP Architects, serves as the employer partner for MakerMatic
Savanna Turner, Sierra Makerspaces Stanford Innovation Fellow and Engineering major, meets fellow team members
STEM majors were recruited as part of a Union Pacific-funded project supporting women preparing for nontraditional careers
Great dialogue going on!

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