Sierra Makerspaces and CCC Maker attend FAB14

In July 2018, Sierra Makerspaces team members Steve and Louisa Hunter, and CCC Maker Project Director Carol Pepper-Kittredge (and husband) took some vacation time to attend FAB 14 in France.  The event was staged country-wide, starting in Paris with a FAB City Summit and FAB City Celebration, and then at an international conference in Toulouse.

The first event declared Paris as a FAB City and featured tours and workshops in and around Paris. Toulouse, located about 6 hours southwest of Paris, featured additional workshops and displays.

As part of the Paris experience, Louisa and Carol attended the Gustav Klimt “ATELIER DES LUMIÈRES” show ( – here is a YouTube of giant warehouse with moving images and music!

Steve reflected that the FAB 14 trip was enlightening and provided useful for ideas to implement in a makerspace such as:
  •             A portable race track enclosure for competition of modified cars and/or mini-drones
  •             VR implementation of body joint movements associated with an individual
  •             Growth and use of Bio Materials used in the textile industry
  •             Re-purposing of equipment and parts into other useful and/or artistic endeavors
  •             Touring Airbus and seeing observing manufacturing of the world’s largest passenger plane and
  •             Visiting numerous science museums highlighting the inventive process.
He and Louisa continued to explore traditional European crafts after the conference including
  •             Traditional spinning and dimpling of specialized copper pots used in jam making 
  •             The mold making and casting of the worlds largest bronze bells
  •             The lace industry – both hand and machine produced and
  •             The North Sea wind turbine project.
Dr. Neil Gershenfield, Director for the MIT Center for Bits and Atoms, opens the FAB City Summit


Poster showing how FAB is part of the region’s economic development strategy
FAB City Summit display
Interactive workshops at FAB conference in Toulouse
FAB Lab Paris located in the Museum of Science and Industry
3D printing onto fabric at the textile display center, FAB Lab Paris
3D printed message, read by the laser and translated to the spoken word at FAB 14 Toulouse
FAB 14 Toulouse



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