Sierra AWS student president uses makerspace to create prototypes

On Saturday April 26, Sierra alumna and Sierra Makerspaces Creative Consultant, Heather Lincoln, was at Hacker Lab Powered by Sierra College in Rocklin to help out Sierra Welding student (and AWS club president) Thomas Jefferson.

“Thomas is currently enrolled in Sierra’s plasma cutting class and came in to get some extra help on the award designs for a Clay shoot event that the Welding club supports every year.  Since Thomas had used CorelDRAW to design the awards, I took him straight to the laser cutter with the ultimate goal of prototyping his designs quickly using plywood to see if they would be OK to then run on the plasma table.   He was taking to the laser awesomely and as we were working, people attending a Sierra College student Security Summit in the lab were walking up to us, asking questions  about the machine and all the things it could do.  One of those people was the CCC Chancellor who wanted to know about the space and machines.”

“Thomas was amazing and super enthusiastic, telling the Chancellor that he had literally JUST learned how to operate the laser cutter.  He ended up cutting a prototype for the Chancelor’s son and another for Van Ton Quinlivan, with a “Made by Sierra College Student, Thomas Jefferson at Hacker Lab Rocklin” onthe back. They were all super impressed and it was awesome to watch!”

“All-in-all, it was a super successful day with many people, department Dean’s and even a few other college and school administrators coming through to checking out what we had going on!  Thomas went on to create quite a few prototypes that he will now go back and make using metal on the plasma cutter.  I think I have converted him into being an avid proponent of laser cut prototyping!  Happy Saturday!”


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