Sierra College Rocklin Student Maker in Residence Experiments with Engineering Software and 3D Printing

Sierra College Student Maker in Residence crafts a cat toy for her curious feline, at Hackerlab in Rocklin, as a practice test for 3D printing a Fusion 360 design. New to both technologies, Holly, has been experimenting with the numerous design options available with the intent of continuously running into errors in which she can effectively find solutions to; ultimately, gaining the experience necessary to sufficiently help future inquiring students with their projects.

In this particular project, the 3D dimensional print did not turn out quite the way in which Holly had initially intended for it to; though, she now has a better understanding of how shapes interact with each other, once printed. She looks forward to reprinting her newly revised model, and bringing her initial idea to life.

Image: 3D model soaking in water to desolve support materials from plastic model.

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