Sac City Makerspace “soft opens.”

By Michelle Zamora, SCC Makerspace Student Lead

It’s been a little over two and a half months since I started working at the SCC Makerspace, and nothing is the same as when we started. The transformation this space has gone through is incredible. We have received all of our equipment and software and had our first official training sessions last week. Constantly switching gears from build mode, to learn mode, back to build mode—we are iterating, assembling, learning, and producing every day.

Members of our team have gravitated towards specific machines and have taken it upon themselves to learn the ins and outs of that machine. We are scheduled to train each other on our specialties this coming week, so that our entire team is trained and educated on each piece of equipment in our space. Each trainer is writing up a list of training procedures that will eventually be compiled into a Training Procedures Manual that will live in the SCC Makerspace as a main point of reference for each machine.

Our website build was relatively smooth. Team members worked together to design our new identity system, develop content, and design the flow. We are using WordPress as our platform and Google Forms to create various interactive documents.

In our last team meeting we discussed all the moving parts, with a bottom line of owning a positive attitude in this space and creating an open and welcoming learning culture for our makers. We covered everything from internships, safety, community partners and clients to sustainability, branding and selling our own SCC Makerspace Swag, entrepreneurship, UX feedback, workshops, and house rules.

Once we started learning how to use all of our new toys, the energy picked up and days were spent testing and producing. As the buzz about our space picks up around Sacramento and our surrounding community, we are already receiving clients that want us to produce work for them. We are just getting started and haven’t even begun to think of the possibilities that will take shape out of this space.

We are moving forward with a soft opening this Thursday, February 15th. It will be an open house event, designed to introduce campus community members to our space and our offerings. We aim to have a Grand Opening by the end of the month, or maybe even the beginning of March. We want to be as equipped as possible for the students that walk through our doors.

As I look at what we’ve accomplished so far, I’m filled with joy. It has been a rush building this place from the ground up, other than literally laying the foundation, our founding team has done the hard work that will hopefully sustain the SCC Makerspace for many years to come.

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  • Deborah A. Bird - 2 years ago

    Awesome. This website is fun, beautiful and informative. Keep up the amazing work!