Sacramento City College Ribbon Cutting for Future Campus Makerspace

Over 100 students/faculty/staff stopped by for an informal meet-and-greet to see the classrooms that will be our future campus makerspace. We also handed out this informative flyer, maker1, to give them an idea of our plans.

Yes, we had a delicious Costco cake, in our school colors! There were red ribbons everywhere, and we convinced History and Math professors to create projects for their students and use our space! Mission accomplished.

Professors Mark Boguski, Tom Cappelletti, Terry Peterson, and Jim Town hosted the event along with 8 students that will begin work building the space. Lots of animated conversations ensued.

PS: We pointed out to the Staff Development people that really it was a Groundbreaking ground-breaking, not a Ribbon Cutting, but what the heck, we went along. We will come up with something clever when we open the space to students in the Spring.

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