Pursuing Higher Education in STEAM

Creekside Elementary School hosted Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Math (STEAM)  field-trip event on Friday, September 14, 2018. At this event, Moreno Valley College (MVC) presented experiments related to electricity: generating static electricity with balloons/PVC pipe and cloth, creating lemon/lime battery with pennies and galvanized screws, building a simple circuit with copper tape and CR2032 battery to light up an LED. With the contribution of MVC’s new STEM club members, staff and faculty, students at Creekside Elementary School learned about electromagnetic field, composition of a battery (acid, copper, zinc), operating voltmeter to measure electricity current, and using conductive material (copper tape) to form a circuit. These experiments are aimed to draw interests from 500 students in all grade levels at the elementary school, TK through 5th grade, to pursue higher education in STEAM. Throughout this event, all students were challenged to attempt the experiments, and most importantly, to have fun!

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