Pizza Box Pinball!

Students in ECE 452 – Making for Educators spent the last couple of class sessions working in groups to create pizza box pinball machines.

Photos from Day 1:

Pizza Box Pinball - Day 1

At the beginning of our second work day, we had a visit from Sylvia Libow Martinez, one of the authors of Invent to Learn, which we chose as the text for our course. Sylvia shared some of her philosophy about making and education, and answered questions from our students.


After we said goodbye to Sylvia, students got back to work.

Photos from Day 2:

Pizza Box Pinball - Day 2

In action!

With version 1.0 of their projects finished, students processed the experience, with many particularly enjoying solving the engineering challenges of the project, including the plunger and flippers. We also shared the Learning and Facilitation Frameworks developed by The Tinkering Studio at the Exploratorium, and had a good conversation about assessment within the context of making. We’ve got a great group of students for the first run of this class, and we’re excited to see what they come up with next!

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