Moreno Valley College Welcome Day 2018

On Welcome Day, Career & Technical Education (CTE) department highlighted Game Art, Computer Information Systems, Computer Programming by presenting Oculus Virtual Reality system and photo booth. Visitors had opportunities to explore virtual reality games using Oculus goggle and gaming PC. Young visitors were especially intrigued with virtual reality dinosaurs, aliens, and robots. Families strike poses for photos at the photo booth, which used a Raspberry Pi 3 B+, Picamera module, arcade game button, and Python programming language. Pictures were automatically Tweeted to Moreno Valley College photo booth Twitter page through API scripts. Software Engineering Club demonstrated 3D printing and provided guests with key chains that were produced by the club’s 3D printer. CTE staff and faculty cheerfully gathered around the Mobile iMake bus to show students and guests Arduino projects, current and future technical education programs at Moreno Valley College.

CTE further illustrated its commitment to S.T.E.A.M education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) by presenting Welcome Day visitors with the opportunity to create a Binary Bracelet.  What is a binary bracelet, you ask?  Binary stands for Binary code. Binary code is a series on 0’s and 1’s that Computers use to communicate similarly to how human use letters and words to transmit messages. The Binary Bracelet project allowed our visitors to utilize ‘Art” to understand how computers use binary codes for everything from Wi-fi to streaming movies on Netflix. Welcome Day visitors left with new knowledge and a cool looking bracelet. Many of them expressed excitement about what they will be able to create in the Mobile iMake bus and MVC’s Makerspace.

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