Moreno Valley College will host the 2018 CyberCamp and Cyber Olympics

Moreno Valley College will host Air Force Association Cyber Camp 2018 and Coding Olympics on June 25, 2018 through June 29, 2018 at 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM. Middle school and high school students can participate in this event for FREE of cost. This special event will provide cybersecurity training for beginners and advanced cybersecurity learners and coders. Cyber Camp activities will include cybersecurity practices, ethics, Windows and Linux operating system security protection, and Cisco networking security. From basic safety system precautions to advance threat detection strategies, Cyber Camp will introduce students to foundational knowledge in cybersecurity, which is one of the fastest growing and highly demanded technical professions nationally. Concurrent with the Cyber Camp, California Cyberhub will conduct the first Inland Empire regional Cyber coaches training, which will offer insight to coaching materials, resources, tips and tools for AFA CyberPatriot competitions and UC A-G approved instructional curriculum for ICT/Cyber Pathway courses.

Following the morning cybersecurity training sessions and lunch, students will participate in Coding Olympics. In Coding Olympics, students will explore microcontroller and embedded system programming, using Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Arduino coding activities will include programming LED, sound, motion and distance sensors using C++ programming language on Sketch, Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE). A fun and enjoyable project that the students will experience in Coding Olympics will be creating a Playdoh Arduino Touch Sensor piano, in which students will utilize touch sensor library in C++ in parallel with Python scripts on the microcontroller to produce a touch-based, 6-key piano Playdoh interface. In addition to Arduino training sessions, students will partake in coding music on Raspberry Pi, using Kid Ruby programming language on Sonic Pi, a programmable music synthesizer. Additionally, students will work with Python scripts to interact with Minecraft application on the Raspberry Pi, known as Minecraft Pi, to create or manipulate objects such as blocks, pyramids or castles. Coding Olympics team challenge will be held at the end of the coding practice to captivate student excitement in coding, problem solving and project management. Join Cyber Camp and Coding Olympics for summer sizzling fun in cybersecurity, coding, virtual reality, prize drawings, and much more!

Download: CyberCamp Flyer pdf

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