Mechatronics for Humanity Showcase

Sierra College’s MECH 90 course is the capstone for the Mechatronics degree and certificate program.  Students ideate, design, prototype and test unique projects that demonstrate their knowledge and skills, and then present their project to the professor and their peers.  An option for MECH 90 students is to engage in the Mechatronics for Humanity student showcase each semester.  Students receive a scholarship from U.S. Bank to join Hacker Lab powered by Sierra College for the semester, with a goal of producing projects that have a social benefit in mind – that serve humanity in some fashion.  

On Thursday May 23, seven MECH 90 students presented to the makerspace and college community.  A panel of judges selected the top three for recognition:

  • Robert Robbins, First Place for the L.U.E. 2019 Light Utility E-Table, inspired by his friend who is a disabled veteran. The table is operated via remote and can be programmed to serve the needs of individuals who have limited mobility or are non-ambulatory.
  • Daniel Tran, Second Place for Living Columns , a programmable system to support indoor plant ecosystems that can improve indoor air quality and temperature regulation, grow food, and more.
  • Zach Kazee, Third Place for a Hybrid Gas-Electric Go Kart that addresses changing transportation needs in a petroleum fueled world. Zach created a self-charger for the battery system that extends the range of the vehicle.

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