Mechatronics for Humanity 2018 Showcase

On December 6, five Mechatronics 90 (capsttone course) students presented at the fall 2018 “Mechatronics for Humanities” showcase at Hacker Lab powered by Sierra College.  The event is supported by U.S. Bank and the Sierra Makerspaces project.  The top three projects selected for recognition by the panel of judges were:

First Place – Jon Alcoran, with a device to assist hearing disabled by translating sound to color.  Jon used the makerspace community and tools, and took skills classes (laser cutter, 3D printing, Fusion 360), to develop his capstone project.

Second Place – Rick Ladd, with an automated whole house cooling fan system.  Rick loved the opportunity to work and solve problems in the makerspace with a community of makers, engineers and creatives.

Third Place – Jon Adriiano with a prototyped powered exoskeleton.  Jon used the makerspace community to build his exoskeleton on the 3D printers and really appreciated the 24-hour access to the space.  The prototype gives him the ability to lift up to 40 additional pounds.

Professor Michael Halbern served as the MC for the event, and provided an overview of the Mechatronics program, the types of jobs that students are gaining after graduation, and future jobs that students are well-prepared for, including robotics, automation and artificial intelligence.

Prof. Michael Halbern presents awards at 2018 Showcase
Josh Adriiano demonstrates a prototype powered exoskeleton
Jon Alcoran demonstrates a device that translates color to sound
2018 Mechatronics for Humanity awards

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