May 2018 Newsletter – CCC Maker Update

Read the May 2018 issue of the CCC Maker Newsletter.

This issue includes 3rd quarter metrics and college activities as well as initiative updates such as:

  • CCC Maker with California Council Science & Technology held a symposium on maker curriculum at Folsom Lake College on April 13 with a reception on April 12 hosted by Hacker Lab powered by Sierra College
  • CCC Maker submitted a paper to International Symposium on Academic Makerspaces (ISAM) — Growing A Network of Makerspaces in California Community Colleges: Moving Towards Implementation and Adoption co-written by Carol Pepper-Kittredge, Deborah Bird & Brie Lindsey.
  • Colleges developed budgets and work plans for year two of implementation and the Technical Assistance Providers are reviewing them with colleges
  • Colleges submitted quarterly fiscal and narrative reports documenting student impact through community, curriculum, internships and makerspaces
  • Carol Pepper-Kittredge & Deborah Bird were notified that they’ll be presenting at the Oct. 19-20 MakerEd 4th Annual Maker Educator Convening in San Jose


Metrics: Below are the third quarter metrics reported. You can see these by using this link initiative and college metrics or go to the CCC Maker website homepage under Metrics.

CCC Maker Internships

  • 417 Employers recruited
  • 502 Students recruited
  • 295 Students competed pre-placement training
  •   49  Students completed CCC Maker internships


  • 9861 Students in makerspaces
  •  894  Engagement activities
  •  410  Badges completed


  • 242 Professional development activities
  • 715 Faculty members engaged
  • 437 Courses access makerspaces


  •   119  Advisory committee meetings
  •   192 Blog posts
  • 1260 Employer match hours
  • 4042 Volunteer hours

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