Math A Art: Tahoe Truckee Campus Math Faculty and Student Maker In Residence Pair Up

Sierra College Tahoe Truckee Campus’ Professor Rene Gottwig partnered with Student Maker in Residence Zoe Blythe to develop a new MATH-A project, incorporating geometric shapes and applying personal creativity to make customized art.

Project Description

Math A students created customized designs incorporating at least one of each of the common geometric shapes (circle, square, rectangle, parallelogram, trapezoid, and triangle) on the computer utilizing Illustrator software.  The design dimension was 8” x 11”and  included a rectangular border enclosing the design.   Students  transferred their digital design to ½” Baltic Birch Plywood utilizing the laser cutter at the Truckee Roundhouse Maker Space.  Zoe taught students how to use Illustrator software, and both Zoe and Prof. Gottwig supervised laser cutting of final designs.

Before using the laser cutter, students used poster paper to complete:

  • A final design with the key measurements for each shape (in cm) labeled.
  • The equations of the border lines including the domain and range of the lines utilizing interval notation with the origin located at the lower, left edge of the design.
  • The calculations for perimeter/circumference and surface area each shape.
  • The calculation for the volume of the final wood project after using the laser cutter in both inches and cm.

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