Makermatic Interns Present to Trustees

Sierra College students who participated in the CCC Maker Makermatic internship program presented to the Sierra College Board of Trustees on April 9, 2019. This was a fantastic opportunity for the trustees to see learning in action and get a better idea how the makerspace-based internship prepared students with skills that they’ll use in their careers.

The students went through a 20 hour team internship with a business leader where they explored a business problem and developed unique solutions. The challenge was: How can we plan for a 21st century learning environment and what spaces or uses need to be included?

See the slides presented during the Board of Trustees meeting explaining the Makermatic internship at Sierra College.

As a large group, the student interns brainstormed hundreds of possible problems. Then the group categorized the problems. In teams of four, the students divided up the problem categories among the teams. Each team agreed to work on a different category or aspect of the challenge. In small groups, the students prepared solutions with help from student assistant coaches, faculty advisory Denise Bushnell, Business and Information Technology, and business leader, Kevin Cobb, principal, AP Architects.

The solutions were originally presented in a seven minute format to a panel of industry leaders. For the Board of Trustees meeting, the students reduced their presentation to a four minute format and had to prepare comments to cover for missing teammates who had classes during the meeting. The Sierra Makerspaces team was so proud of these student interns and assistant coaches who presented their findings so professionally in the formal setting of a board meeting. This experience further reinforced, and allowed them to practice, the soft skills they refined through the Makermatic team internship.

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