Makermatic Interns Define the Problem in First Session

During the first session of the CCC Maker Makermatic Team Internship at Sierra College, students learned more about the business problem and take steps to dig deeper into understanding the problem from the customer perspective.

Kevin Cobb, business leader, provided background on the challenge interns will be asked to solve. Denise Bushnell, Business Professor, asks questions to stimulate students’ thought process. The students are being asked to identify all of the potential problems that might be solved. The key to a good solution is a well defined problem.

Student leader, Sebastian, is an assistant coach for the project. He attended the training offered by CCC Maker at Sacramento City College and worked with the coaches to plan the sessions for students.

To explore all the possible problems, students brainstormed on their own and discussed it with others. There was a lively discussion among the whole group as well. They wrote down their ideas on sticky notes and put them up on the board. They were encouraged to think of problems from unique perspectives. The objective was to get as many ideas as possible because often, what seems like a wild and crazy idea also has a nugget that is the beginning of a great problem to solve.

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