Make: Learning, Makerspaces, and Community Colleges

Thanks to David Cole, an educator, manager of an educational non-profit and consultant with Make: on maker education initiatives, who wrote an article for Make: on his experience attending the CCST symposium for CCC Maker on Maker Curriculum at Folsom Lake College in April.

He writes: “Hands-On Haves and Have-Nots Think of students who are engaged in authentic problem-solving, creating something that delights them, and connecting with their communities in the process; and imagine the young adults who are not having this experience. It’s a conversation about skills acquisition, the distribution of opportunity, and learning how to learn.

When asked what’s been most important to them, one student offered: ‘At the makerspace I’ve learned I’m extremely capable and I can pass my skills on while still developing as a person myself. It’s okay to be challenged by something — when you learn that skill you can take it and pass it along.'”

Read the full post: Make: Education – Learning, Makerspaces, and Community Colleges, April 18, 2018 by David Cole.


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