Laser Cut Kombucha Leather

Ran some laser tests on the kombucha leather. Specifically, we wanted to test raster and vector engraving, and vector cutting. We used the Natural -> Paper -> Construction Paper setting in the laser driver, and cooked up a test file using our mascot Nova.

The material wasn’t perfectly flat, so the raster engrave worked, but inconsistently. The vector engrave left a crisp line on the material, but it could be easily scratched away with a fingernail.

Laser Engraved SCOBY Leather

The vector cut worked well, the edges crisp and clean. The surface of the material is textured in an interesting way, and really resembles skin.

Laser Cut SCOBY Leather

Tomorrow we’re going to try to start some kombucha in larger vessels – we’re going to need a lot of SCOBY!

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