June 1 Million Cups at the IE Accelerator

This month’s 1 Million Cups San Bernardino was another success at the Przeczytaj więcej na IE Accelerator. This month’s event featured speaker, Manal Iskander. She is a restaurant and IT company owner, and she serves as an Executive Producer for several PBS television series. Voted Community Champion for the City of San Bernardino for 2018, she was able to share a great deal of valuable business advice to the entrepreneurs that join us for this mentorship and networking event.

Each month, the IE Accelerator invites the community to this entrepreneurial peer-to-peer mentorship initiative. We hope to bring together entrepreneurs, small business owners, and anyone hoping to start their own business, as a way to accelerate networking, potential collaboration between local businesses, and to encourage the use of the makerspace for their entrepreneurial projects.

1 Million Cups San Bernardino events include time for networking while enjoying a free breakfast, and allow for one to two speakers to discuss their start-ups. Vendor booths are also available upon request. For more information, please visit www.edctfoundation.org/pages/1mc or www.facebook.com/1MillionCupsSB.

Author: Tayte Olma