Innovation Park Focus Group

By: Kyle Brumbaugh, Director, Professional Learning Network, Krause Center for Innovation Foothill College

Krause Center for Innovation (KCI), as part of Foothill College, is in the process of developing a Makerspace to serve the Foothill College community. As part of this process, we have done a self-study of what already exists at Foothill and what we could potentially offer in a Makerspace that would support students and community members and create a “making community” at Foothill. We found that the three overarching themes of KCI’s mission (innovate, educate, empower) were a great starting point, but we wanted to make sure we engaged students and community members in the process.

On April 28th, we held a focus group of 30 Foothill College students to ask them what they would want in a “Makerspace?” To set the stage for the discussion, we showed, Caine’s Arcade, a quick 2 minute video of a young maker in Los Angeles, who created his own arcade out of cardboard boxes in his father’s Auto Parts store.

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