Hartnell Students are Building the Future

Hartnell College students have come together from two different clubs to make one club. The Makers Society Club. Young men and women have spent the past few Fridays working together learning new skills and using what they know to help others. They took turns using tools to build the frame and the arms for the robot. Then they worked together to get the software working and transferring the data wirelessly to the robot. They will soon be able to control the robot with their phones.

The Computer Science Club and the Robotics Club joined forces to take advantage of both their skills at the Makerspace. Their first project is a farm bot that will be displayed at the Alisal Campus. The farm bot is a robotic arm on tracks that will move up and down and side to side. The idea behind the farm bot is that with some preplanning and set up you can plant different vegetables and fruits next to each other and the robot arm will be able to take care of all the crops via the instructions given to it from the user.

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