Hands On Tech Education With Arduino

On March 15, 2018 concludes the third session of Arduino Tech Ed Seminar at Moreno Valley College. Since late February, students have learned to program Arduino Uno in C++, work with output digital and analog I/O, such as LED light, sound and sensor. These sessions include hands-on circuit composition on breadboard, connecting wires to microcontroller, Arduino Uno, and programming in C++ using Sketch; which is Arduino Integrated Development Environment.

On the last session, students worked with photocell and program instruction to detect lux (light intensity) of specific object and background lighting. Lighting sensor systems can be commonly found in industrial and commercial application, such as security lighting, elevator control, solar system, and automation controller. These Arduino Tech Ed Seminars introduce students to real-world application of microcontrollers, while incorporating programming and problem solving skills from their current or previous coursework.

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