Hands-on Learning is at the Heart of Making

Dale Dougherty, Maker Media and founder of Maker Faire inspired educators at the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE) 2016 conference held in October in Sacramento. Dougherty is also the Chair of the CCC Maker Advisory Committee.

Dougherty indicated that he thought that there was a great opportunity for a partnership between the Maker Movement and community colleges. He indicated that the biggest challenge for colleges will not be to build spaces and fill them with tools; the challenge will be to create a community of makers.

In his remarks, Dougherty said that community college students need more time to play and explore, and through practice will develop their abilities. He urged colleges to get students participating in making, because it causes change to take place within students that you can’t see. Through the practice of making, Dougherty said, “Students learn to be their own best critic, assess how to get better, and more importantly, they are asking the question of why they are doing it.”

College maker spaces should “provide a place for creativity and support that allows students the freedom to develop and come up with ideas and share them with each other,” said Dougherty. “It is about making yourself better and your community better.”