Gaming Tournaments and Musical Connections

Open, casual events tend to bring in a variety of students, and our hope is to provide an environment where students can connect and collaborate. Toward that goal, the Innovation Center recently hosted the first of a monthly series of Super Smash Bros. Melee tournaments.

Super Smash Bros. Melee Tournament

The event was entirely planned and executed by some diehard gamers that hang around the IC, and they were able to scrape together a not insignificant number of GameCube systems (and a few Wiis) and CRTs to put on a pretty dynamic tournament.


One student brought this sweet self-contained briefcase setup:

Self-Contained Smash Case

During the tournament, some musicians wandered in and took a look at the in-progress Studio, one of the spaces within our center. They met another student musician, and we all ended up having a great conversation about gear and future directions of the space and its recording capabilities. They shared some beats with each other outside of my office, talked about collaborating on some music, and exchanged information. I’m going to try and book them to perform live hip hop at the tournament next month!

Music Connection

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