First Equipment Deliveries at the IE Accelerator

Author: Tayte Olma

New deliveries! The Innovation & Entrepreneurship (IE) Accelerator’s first round of equipment has finally arrived. We are so excited to get started with some of the community classes and summer bootcamps for kids that we have developed with our first equipment purchases. For na tomto webu our initial community classes, student projects will focus on using Cricut Makers with materials like vinyl, cardstock, and balsa wood. Students will be able to create their own designs, and watch them come to life as they create their very own customized products (i.e. mugs, t-shirts, dinosaur skeletons). For our middle- and high-school age, five-day boot camps to be held this summer, students will be introduced to many forms of technology and equipment using our new Ultimaker 3D printers (2, 2+, 2 Extended +,3, 3 Extended ), Ultimaker filament, Polymaker Polyshers, PolySmooth filament, Crafty 3D printing pens, F2C Pro 6-in-1 Combo Heat Press Machine, the Cricut Makers, and the Cricut EasyPress iron.

It is important to us that we are creating a pipeline from consumer and hobbyist equipment to professional/entrepreneur types of machinery. This first batch of equipment is a great start for us to get our workshops under way and it allows beginners to learn these skills before our more advanced equipment is set up. We are excited to be able to provide opportunities for everyone in our community, whether she/he wants to work from home with a Cricut Maker, or use a lathe at the IE Accelerator for a small business – there will be an opportunity for all skill-levels and a pathway for success no matter the project!