First Elementary Class Tour of the IE Accelerator

On Friday, May 4th, the IE Accelerator staff hosted the makerspace’s first tour for a local 3rd grade class. A class of 23 students from the E. Neal Roberts Elementary School in San Bernardino, CA took a field trip to the IE Accelerator in order to learn more about STEM and to get an introductory lesson on 3D printing and smart cutting with Cricut Makers.

Students were able to create different 3D printed animal keychain/phone stands, emoji keychains, and smart cut vinyl projects on mugs for Mother’s Day at six stations. They had the opportunity to paint the emoji keychains, custom design their own vinyl projects, and make cards with the Cricut Makers. By the end of the day, the class went home with several fun projects to show their families and a new beginner’s knowledge of what a 3D printer does, how it works, and the unlimited potential and creativity that comes from increases in spatial reasoning and 2D to 3D conversion understanding. We hope that 3D printing technology, as well as the other technology we will be introducing within our makerspace in the near future, will benefit childrens’ education as it positions our young students as creators.


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Author: Tayte Olma