Faculty Maker Camp Pays It Forward

Mathematics Professors Katie Lucero and Lynn Harrison-Benevidez have been ‘studying’ under the mentorship of Sierra Makerspaces Creative Consultant, Heather Lincoln, since 2016.  Using the makespaces as the learning laboratory, they became proficient in using software to create digital designs and then fabricate using the laser cutter.  In partnership with other makers, they designed hands-on activities for adults and children, created an entry for the Reinvent The Runway fashion show, integrated Making into their Summer Math Jam student experience, and started up “Crafternoons”, a low-tech and social time to gather and Make, with faculty colleagues to build community.  In December 2018, Katie and Lynn developed and delivered a Faculty Maker Camp for nine instructors, “Paying It Forward” and sharing their joy in Making with their colleagues.  Participants received an orientation to the makerspace, got signed up as members, learned two new tools (laser cutter and sewing machine) on Day 1, brainstormed ideas for integrating Making into their curriculum on Day 2, and developed prototypes and/or manipulatives and a final share-out on Day 3.  Another Camp will be held in 2019.

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