Entrepreneur: Community Colleges and the Creation of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

 recently wrote an article for Entrepreneur published on October 7, 2017 that referenced the work being accomplished by California Community Colleges.

Amy Scultz, NACCE, is a CCC Maker service provider who has guided our colleges in developing ecosystems and mapping them using Kumu. CCC Maker colleges are using the ecosystem maps to strengthen connections with employers who may provide internships, identify opportunities to partner with community organizations to hold maker events, understand their internal college ecosystem, find out needs in the community that could be addressed by startup businesses and gain other insights into how their college can collaborate with the wider community to strengthen the local economy.

Article excerpt:

 “Community colleges are advancing entrepreneurship in their communities by providing access points to support local startups and small businesses.

Entrepreneurship is vital to ensuring that job growth occurs all across America, and entrepreneurial ecosystems enable entire communities to foster job growth and innovation. Crucial to that process is the role of community colleges, which are accessible to every town and city in the nation and are playing an increasingly pivotal role in the evolution of those ecosystems.

… And no resource is more prevalent and more readily available to aspiring entrepreneurs and ecosystems than community colleges, which are typically open-access as well as nearby. Community colleges can both educate individuals in ways that are relevant to entrepreneurship and provide a setting where ecosystems can thrive.”

Read the article at Entrepreneur —  Community Colleges and the Creation of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems 

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